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Services – International Geriatry
+90 536 675 32 60
Alanya / Antalya


The emotions, dreams, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and decisions we make are collected in our brains. With little touches, each frame of our heads has points that trigger those feelings and thoughts. Hope, money, healing, power etc. The elements we find important are collected at 32 energy points. These points are called bars to activate. These points are tried to be released by the access bars.
Meditation is a scientific mind-resting technique and a deep healing practice. Meditation is definitely not a belief system; In other words, meditation is not a practice to be believed, but it is a healing technique where the body, mind and soul benefit simultaneously, with the proven benefits of the most respected scientific institutions in the world.
International Geriatry provides you nonstop hospitality and Professional service for your wellness. With well-experienced physicians and kindly nurses, the treatment pursue in a warm environment to make feel you at home. Beside all, whole other specialist will be also ready to host you.
It gives you a long-lasting life. When we look at the results in a short time, the weight is taken back in a short time. This is due to inadequate diets and inactivity. The body needs frequent and low nutrient consumption to prevent weight loss. Fluid consumption should also be considered.
As International Geriatry, our priority mission is to provide qualified and sustainable service by following the technological-sectoral developments in the beauty and aesthetics and to give service with well-equipped and conscious estheticians in order to make this service even more widespread. Our vision; We create the experience we have gained in beauty and aesthetic to promote successful system all over the world, primarily Turkey and Europe.
International Geriatry is a professional geriatric centre that equipped with last technologies. Our specialists, who have all kinds of medical equipment, and our highly qualified and experienced staff. Our team includes well-experienced doctors like urologist, dietician, cardiologist, psychologist, yoga and meditation expert etc.
The most important goal of Yoga is to renew the mind and to reach simplicity and peace. This feeling comes from Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breathing) practices. In contrast to other types of exercise that exert pressure on muscles and bones. Yoga renews the body and removes the mind from negative thoughts that you took from the movement of modern life.
Massage and Spa; excitation of skin subcutaneous tissue, muscles, internal organs, metobalism, circulatory and lymphatic systems by means of mechanical and neural (reflex) therapy; It is a method of increasing the regional blood circulation with various strokes and rubs, providing more blood to the tissue by expanding the vessels.
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